Nov 23, 2023

The Incredible Sci-Fi Series You Need To Be Watching Feels Truly Alien

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Max’s Scavengers Reign is making waves in the science-fiction world for brilliantly conceptualizing and constructing an alien ecosystem that feels truly out of this world. Since its October 19 streaming premiere, we’ve been presented with a 12-episode run that places an exceptionally strong emphasis on the series’ setting in a way that makes the environment a more compelling character than the actual characters themselves. Scavengers Reign is a visually stunning and surreal take on humanity’s relationship with nature, and die-hard sci-fi fans can’t get enough of it.

YouTube creator NerdWriter1 posted a short breakdown of the series and grapples with the other-worldliness that Scavengers Reign presents. He likens the series’ emphasis on the environment to Werner Herzog’s documentary Burden of Dreams, in which Herzog suggests that nature is indifferent to humanity. In other words, nature has its own agenda, and the idea of harmony between humanity and nature is something that doesn’t necessarily exist when you consider how punishing an unfamiliar ecosystem can be to humans who are trying to traverse the vast landscapes full of unknown flora, fauna, and critters who rule the land.

Much like the real-life chaos that’s found in Burden of Dreams, Scavengers Reign presents a harrowing world in which its protagonists are tasked with navigating through unfamiliar territory.

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