Nov 28, 2023

Men 2X More Likely To Use Generative AI Than Women: Report

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OpenAI’s ChatGPT gets 60 times the traffic of Google’s conversational generative AI engine Bard and boasts industry-leading 30-minutes session times.

I asked AI why that might be, and one potential reason ChatGPT gave me for the disparity: historically higher representation of men in the tech sector, which is likely to be the source of most early adopters. When I also asked on Twitter/X why the disparity might exist, one person cited the fact that historically AI tools like Alexa, Siri and Cortana have often had female names, playing into cultural stereotypes about women helping men. The modern generative AI tools, of course, have names like ChatGPT or Bard or Perplexity or MidJourney. So perhaps that is changing.

Another perfectly valid reason one woman cited: perhaps they just don’t want to.

“To get the AI to work, you have to think like it and do the prompts like it wants,” says author and artist Catherine Fitzpatrick. “Tiresome.”

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