Nov 25, 2023

Building Blocks of Memory in the Brain

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My name is Artem, I’m a computational neuroscience student and researcher. In this video we discuss engrams – fundamental units of memory in the brain. We explore what engrams are, how memory is allocated, where it is stored, and how different memories become linked with each other.


00:00 — Introduction.
00:39 — Historical background.
01:44 — Fear conditioning paradigm.
03:38 — Immediate-early genes as memory markers.
08:13 — Engrams are necessary and sufficient for recall.
10:16 — Excitabiliy and memory allocation.
16:19 — Brain-wide engrams.
18:12 — Linking memories together.
24:20 — Summary.
25:33 — Brilliant.
27:09 — Outro.

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