Oct 2, 2023

The 10 Biggest Generative AI Trends For 2024 Everyone Must Be Ready For Now

Posted by in categories: innovation, robotics/AI

Generative AI was the explosive breakout tech trend of 2023, capturing the attention of not only techies and futurists but mainstream audiences, too, with its ability to create seemingly human-like content.

With tech giants including Microsoft, Google and Meta pouring their apparently limitless resources into the technology, we can expect equally game-changing innovation in 2024.

Generative AI is an incredibly powerful tool that will play an important role in democratizing access to the transformative potential of AI. And I believe everyone needs to be aware of what’s coming in order to carefully consider the impact it will have on our lives.

Explore the future as we delve into the top 10 generative AI trends for 2024, uncovering ground-breaking innovations and societal impacts, from more powerful AI models.

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