Oct 3, 2023

Depending on your child’s age, understanding his or her condition is one of the first steps toward asthma control and your peace of mind

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But are you ready to explain this complex disease in terms that your child can understand?

Keep It Simple for Young Children Use language that is appropriate for your child’s age to describe what happens when asthma flares-up. Try to avoid medical terminology and details that will confuse a young child. Stick to the basic information at first. This includes making your child aware of what triggers symptoms and giving very basic understanding of what happens to cause the symptoms. Visit Just for Kids for story books, games and puzzles that explain asthma in terms your child can understand.

Medication management is not necessarily an issue with young children, as it is your responsibility as a caregiver to make certain you give your child medication as prescribed. Set a routine so it’s easy to remember when these medications should be taken. Practice with a nebulizer, peak flow meter and spacer so that your child understands how each device helps manage asthma.

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