Sep 7, 2023

What is the India story for Generative AI?

Posted by in categories: employment, internet, robotics/AI

Every few years comes a disruptive technology that catalyzes the development stages of not just companies but also society as a whole. Generative AI may not be as big as the invention of the internet but it is a foundational block to create a new digital transformation aided by AI.

The reason why Generative AI is one of the most exciting chapters in this journey of transformation is because the technology comes very close to imitating human quality of output. It sparks a very controversial debate about its advantages and disadvantages, especially in a country like ours with a large disposition to lose in terms of jobs that can be replaced by AI. But let’s look at our own journey of digital transformation closely. India has always charted a strong developmental course in terms of the tech industry with robust manpower, unmatched pricing, and a very dynamic workforce that has placed our country sixth in terms of AI investments between 2013–2022. Here, we do have to be mindful that our journey as a country for any disruptive technology may look completely different than others.

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