Sep 3, 2023

Scientists create soft and scalable robotic hand based on multiple materials

Posted by in categories: cyborgs, robotics/AI, transhumanism

Robots based on soft materials are often better at replicating the appearance, movements and abilities of both humans and animals. While there are now countless soft robots, many of these are difficult to produce on a large-scale, due to the high cost of their components or their complex fabrication process.

Researchers at University of Coimbra in Portugal recently developed a new soft robotic hand that could be more affordable and easier to fabricate. Their design, introduced in Cyborg and Bionic Systems, integrates soft actuators with an exoskeleton, both of which can be produced using scalable techniques.

“Most robots are made of rigid materials,” Pedro Neto, one of the researchers who carried out the study, told Tech Xplore. “However, when we observe animals, we notice that their bodies can be composed of hard parts (skeletons) and soft parts (such as muscles). Some animals, like earthworms, are entirely soft-bodied. Taking inspiration from nature, we anticipate that the next generation of robots will incorporate components made of or, in some cases, they can be entirely soft-bodied.”

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