Sep 22, 2023

“Sampling led to hip-hop… AI music has the potential to do something similar”, says Holly Herndon

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I have said it time and time again. Ironically I have been an electronic music producer for decades.

Electronic producer, singer and AI advocate Holly Herndon has drawn a comparison between AI music and sampling, saying that AI music could impact music in the same way sampling did hip-hop.

Herndon made the statement during a recent interview with Mixmag, as part of a feature entitled The rise of AI music: a force for good or a new low for artistic creativity? The feature explores the advantages and disadvantages of using AI technology to create music.

“Sampling old records to create something new led to the formation of genres like hip hop and innovative new forms of artistic expression.” She says. “AI music has the potential to do something very similar.”

Holly Herndon recently said that AI music is “our new reality”, adding that AI music could have the same impact that sampling had on hip-hop.

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