Sep 26, 2023

SambaNova’s new chip runs AI models to 5 trillion parameters

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The SN40L chip will allow for improved enterprise solutions.

Palo Alto-based AI chip startup SambaNova has introduced a new semiconductor that can be used in running high-performance computing applications, like the company’s LLM platform SambaNova Suite, with faster training of models at a lower total cost.

SambaNova announced the chip, SN40L, can serve a 5 trillion parameter model with 256k+ sequence length possible on a single system node. It is being touted as an alternative to NVIDIA, which is a frontrunner in the chip race and recently unveiled what will possibly be the most powerful chip in the market – GH200 – which can support 480 GB of CPU RAM and 96 GB of GPU RAM.

A ‘game changer’

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ANNOUNCEMENT: Meet our newest AI chip, SN40L, which is now powering SambaNova Suite.

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