Sep 23, 2023

New gene-editing tool reduces unintended mutations by more than 70%

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Still seems unsafe to me until its 100% error free, but step in correct direction at least.

Researchers have found that splitting the gene editor used in traditional CRISPR technology creates a more precise tool that can be switched on and off, with significantly less chance of causing unintended genome mutations. They say their novel tool can potentially correct around half of the mutations that cause disease.

CRISPR is one of those scientific terms that has made it into the everyday lexicon. Arguably one of the biggest discoveries of the 21st century, the gene-editing tool has revolutionized research and the treatment of genetic and non-genetic diseases. But the primary risk associated with CRISPR technology is ‘off-target edits,’ namely unexpected, unwanted, or even adverse alterations at locations in the genome other than the targeted site.

Now, researchers at Rice University have developed a new CRISPR-based gene-editing tool that’s more precise and significantly reduces the likelihood of off-target edits occurring.

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