Sep 21, 2023

How new tech is helping people circumvent digital authoritarianism

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From Iran to China to Russia, there’s an escalating ‘cat-and-mouse’ game between the censors and those trying to evade them.

I want to talk about the battle that’s raging every day between people who want to censor online content and those who want to protect access to a free and open internet.

It also relates to a recent scoop about a new Google product that’s designed to make it easier for developers to build censorship-resistant apps. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: this is a space worth paying attention to.


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  1. lol beans says:

    It’s only fair that I mention how much I appreciate this post and how often I find myself referring to it. I have faith that you will keep contributing items that are above and above the norm here.

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