Sep 29, 2023

Enhanced and Robust Directional Propulsion of Light-Activated Janus Micromotors by Magnetic Spinning and the Magnus Effect

Posted by in categories: nanotechnology, robotics/AI, transportation

Advances in the versatile design and synthesis of nanomaterials have imparted diverse functionalities to Janus micromotors as autonomous vehicles. However, a significant challenge remains in maneuvering Janus micromotors by following desired trajectories for on-demand motility and intelligent control due to the inherent rotational Brownian motion. Here, we present the enhanced and robust directional propulsion of light-activated Fe3O4@TiO2/Pt Janus micromotors by magnetic spinning and the Magnus effect. Once exposed to a low-intensity rotating magnetic field, the micromotors become physically actuated, and their rotational Brownian diffusion is quenched by the magnetic rotation. Photocatalytic propulsion can be triggered by unidirectional irradiation based on a self-electrophoretic mechanism.

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