Aug 17, 2023

Sean Carroll | The Many Worlds Interpretation & Emergent Spacetime | The Cartesian Cafe w Tim Nguyen

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Sean Carroll is a theoretical physicist and philosopher who specializes in quantum mechanics, cosmology, and the philosophy of science. He is the Homewood Professor of Natural Philosophy at Johns Hopkins University and an external professor at the Sante Fe Institute. Sean has contributed prolifically to the public understanding of science through a variety of mediums: as an author of several physics books including Something Deeply Hidden and The Biggest Ideas in the Universe, as a public speaker and debater on a wide variety of scientific and philosophical subjects, and also as a host of his podcast Mindscape which covers topics spanning science, society, philosophy, culture, and the arts.

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In this episode, we take a deep dive into The Many Worlds (Everettian) Interpretation of quantum mechanics. While there are many philosophical discussions of the Many Worlds Interpretation available, ours marries philosophy with the technical, mathematical details. As a bonus, the whole gamut of topics from philosophy and physics arise, including the nature of reality, emergence, Bohmian mechanics, Bell’s Theorem, and more. We conclude with some analysis of Sean’s speculative work on the concept of emergent spacetime, a viewpoint which naturally arises from Many Worlds.

This video is most suitable for those with a basic technical understanding of quantum mechanics.

Part I: Introduction.
00:00:00 : Introduction.
00:05:42 : Philosophy and science: more interdisciplinary work?
00:09:14 : How Sean got interested in Many Worlds (MW)
00:13:04 : Technical outline.

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