Jul 30, 2023

How artificial intelligence is helping scientists talk to animals — BBC News

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Here’s a better use for AI than warfare, which coming from a military family I see as a sad but necessary thing seeing as how Russia likes to invade people lately, but I hope we can keep peace with China, but anyway I’ve always loved animals. They called me Dr Dolittle as a child because I played with animals a lot. I hope for world peace. Perhaps AI can help diplomats communicate better as well. I know, you’d think we’d be able to but it doesn’t seem to be the case.

Scientists are harnessing the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to decode animal languages.

Scientists in Israel are closer than ever to making two-way communication with another species more likely — by using AI to understand the language of bats.

“I’ve always dreamt of a Dolittle machine that will allow me to talk with animals”, said Professor Yossi Yovel of Tel Aviv University.

The team at Tel Aviv University created a large database of bat noises and videos, teaching AI how to differentiate between the different sounds. The Algorithm then matched the sounds with specific social interactions captured on film.

Adi Rachum from Tel Aviv University said, “in the end the computer will be able to speak the language, to understand what they say to each other”.

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