Jun 9, 2023

What can be done to save humanity from bad AI? Answer: “True Open Source AI”

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Since I don’t work for any large companies involved in AI, nor do I anticipate ever doing so; and considering that I have completed my 40-year career (as an old man-now succesfully retired), I would like to share a video by someone I came across during my research into “True Open Source AI.”

I completely agree with the viewpoints expressed in this video (of which begins at ~ 4 mins into the video after technical matters). Additionally, I would like to add some of my own thoughts as well.

We need open source alternatives to large corporations so that people (that’s us humans) have options for freedom, and personal privacy when it comes to locally hosted AIs. The thought of a world completely controlled by Big Corp AI is even more frightening than George Orwell’s “Big Brother.” I believe there must be an alternative to this nightmarish scenario.

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