Jun 30, 2023

Tired of scooping cat litter? The robot will do it for you

Posted by in categories: biotech/medical, health, robotics/AI

After using the Whisker Litter-Robot 4, I will never return to a regular litter box. The insight it gives me into Norbert’s overall health and the daily cleaning makes it completely worth it. Just be patient with the setup process and with your cat learning a new routine. Norbert’s opinion also upholds the new litter box since he was able to transition pretty seamlessly and gets to have a clean litter box every single time.

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The Whisker Litter-Robot 4 is no doubt expensive, but the company also offers the previous generation Litter-Robot 3 for a bit cheaper at $549. It’s definitely an investment, but this is a type of automated technology I can get behind.

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