Jun 27, 2023

These headphones make it possible to listen to music while swimming

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Making headphones that work underwater can be a trivial challenge. Not only do they need to be fully waterproof and easy to control, but they cannot rely solely on Bluetooth — because this wireless technology doesn’t work reliably underwater. In fact, Bluetooth range underwater is reduced from as much as 240 meters (800 feet) to less than 8 cm (3 inches).

I love the power and versatility of my AirPods Pro. And I wear my Shocks OpenRun Pro bone conduction sports headphones when walking, hiking, and cycling because they don’t cut me off from my surroundings. But there’s been a gap in my headphone-wearing needs: swimming.

Not anymore!

Now, I have the H2O Audio Sonar Pro underwater headphones, and I can’t see myself bringing anything else to the next pool party.

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