Jun 11, 2023

Oppenheimer — with Robert J. Sawyer

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Science Fiction author Robert J. Sawyer talks about Oppenheimer and about his Alternate History book: The Oppenheimer Alternative.

Where to find ‘The Oppenheimer Alternative” book?
Robert J. Sawyer’s website:

* Trinity moment — AI vs. Nuclear.
* ‘Now I am become death, the destroyer of worlds’
* The Jewish connection to the Manhattan project and the Nazi nuclear program.
* Nuking Japan.
* Oppenheimer personality.
* Nuclear as a Double Edge Sword. Existential risk of a nuclear Holocaust.
* Thermonuclear — the rivalry with Edward Teller.
* Alternate History — the end of the world by 2030
* Military driven science vs. science driven by scientists.
* Nuclear energy in space.
* The Orion project — Nuclear Impales propulsion.
* Controversy of Wernher von Braun.
* Role of science fiction.

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