Jun 13, 2023

NVIDIA’S HUGE AI Chip Breakthroughs Change Everything (Supercut)

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Highlights from the latest #nvidia keynote at Computex in Taiwan, home of TSMC and is the world’s capital of semiconductor manufacturing and chip fabrication. Topics include @NVIDIA’s insane H100 datacenter GPUs, Grace Hopper superchips, GH200 AI supercomputer, and how these chips will power generative AI technologies like #chatgpt by #openai and reshape computing as we know it.

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Timestamps for this Nvidia Keynote Supercut:
00:00 Nvidia H100 GPU for AI — Overview.
02:36 Accelerated Computing for AI
05:28 How Nvidia Builds AI Factories.
08:31 Why AI is the Next Era of Computing.
10:54 Nvidia Grace Hopper AI Superchip.
12:28 Nvidia GH-200 AI Supercomputer.
15:34 Nvidia MGX — Next Generation Servers for AI
18:32 Networking for AI — The Devil is in the Details.
21:53 IT’S OVER! GPUs Will Replace CPUs for AI.

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