Jun 30, 2023

New journal, podcast take a closer look at artificial intelligence in medicine

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ChatGPT isn’t the only tool available though. Google is working with medicine and so is IBM and I believe, Microsoft though they use ChatGPT. So far, I’m liking the responses more from Bard on many questions so I am hoping Google keeps up the good work. But whoever stays ahead in AI, I hope it helps humanity. BTW, ask Bard and Bing AI how it they will help humanity. They have different but somewhat similar answers now. At first Bing was on the fence on if it would help humanity when the Singularity arrived but Bard was firm in saying it would help us. So yes, I have more faith in Bard than ChatGPT. I am a little biased though. I’m a Pixel Super Fan and own a Pixel 6 and have owned several Google products/services. Anyway, what are your thoughts in AI and medicine? I think we should be cautious because it can be manipulated by hackers more easily, like chat bots were, but at the same time there’s great potential to benefit humanity.

Andrew Beam, deputy editor of a new journal on AI and co-host of a podcast on the topic, discusses both the potential and challenges of the powerful tool.

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