Jun 8, 2023

Meet Chaos-GPT: An AI Tool That Seeks to Destroy Humanity

Posted by in categories: cybercrime/malcode, military, robotics/AI

Basically I have talked about how chaos gpt poses a great threat to current cyberdefenses and it still does but there is great promise of a god like AI that can a powerful force of good. This could also become a greater AI arms race that would need even more security measures like an AI god that can counter state level or country level threats. I do think this threat would come regardless when we try to reach agi but chat gpt also shows much more promising results as it could be used a god like AI with coders using it aswell as AI coders.

Chaos-GPT, an autonomous implementation of ChatGPT, has been unveiled, and its objectives are as terrifying as they are well-structured.

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