Jun 12, 2023

DeepMind AI creates algorithms that sort data faster than those built by people

Posted by in categories: entertainment, information science, robotics/AI

Computer scientists have, for decades, been optimizing how computers sort data to shave off crucial milliseconds in returning search results or alphabetizing contact lists. Now DeepMind, based in London, has vastly improved sorting speeds by applying the technology behind AlphaZero — its artificial-intelligence system for playing the board games chess, Go and shogi — to a game of building sorting algorithms. “This is an exciting result,” said Emma Brunskill, a computer scientist at Stanford University, California.

The system, AlphaDev, is described in a paper in Nature1, and has invented faster algorithms that are already part of two standard C++ coding libraries, so are being used trillions of times per day by programmers around the world.

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