May 27, 2023

OpenAI offers $1 million in grants to shape ethical AI, combat misinformation

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In a blog post, OpenAI has officially declared its intentions to offer $100,000 grants for the best ideas on how we should regulate and control AI.

ChatGPT creators, OpenAI, have announced ten $100,000 grants for anyone with good ideas on how artificial intelligence (AI) can be governed to help address bias and other factors. The grants will be awarded to recipients who present the most compelling answers for some of the most pressing solutions around AI, like whether it should be allowed to have an opinion on public figures.


This comes in light of arguments around whether AI systems such as ChatGPT may have a built-in prejudice because of the data they are trained on (not to mention the opinions of human programmers behind the scenes). Reports have revealed instances of discriminatory or biased results generated by AI technology. There is a growing apprehension that AI, when working alongside search engines like Google and Bing, might generate misleading information with great conviction.

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