May 25, 2023

New Vulcan Centaur rocket may test-fire its engines on the launch pad for 1st time on May 25

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United Launch Alliance (ULA) is gearing up for a critical test firing of its next-generation rocket after a recent fueling check, and it could happen as soon as this week.

On Monday morning (May 22), Bruno stated on Twitter that the company’s new Vulcan Centaur rocket was returning to Space Launch Complex 41 at Cape Canaveral Space Force Station. Now that the rocket is back at the pad, Vulcan’s static fire test (in which the rocket’s engines are ignited while it remains on the ground) could happen any day. “We are targeting as soon as tomorrow for the Flight Readiness Firing,” a representative from ULA told on Tuesday (May 23), “but it will depend on range availability.” On Wednesday (March 24), ULA CEO Tory Bruno intimated on Twitter that the test could happen as soon as Thursday (March 25).

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