Apr 11, 2023

Study finds mobile antibiotic resistance genes in some probiotic bacteria, raising concerns for public health

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In a recent study published in the journal Eurosurveillance, researchers examine antibiotic resistance genes (ARGs) and their mobility in Bifidobacteriales and Lactobacillales species through the use of a unified bioinformatic pipeline to isolate these bacteria from food and probiotic sources.

Study: A survey on antimicrobial resistance genes of frequently used probiotic bacteria, 1901 to 2022. Image Credit: MilletStudio /

Identifying potential sources of AMR is important, as it is one of the key threats to the treatment of multiple communicable diseases worldwide in both humans and animals. Excessive antimicrobial use (AMU) has contributed to a surge in AMR rates worldwide; however, despite mitigation measures to decrease AMU, excessive antibiotic use by animals and humans remains a common practice in many nations.

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