Mar 19, 2023

Verses Technologies (VERS) Launching Proprietary General Intelligence Agent (GIA) — CEO Gabriel Rene

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Verses Technologies Inc. (VERS) :
Gabriel Rene CEO
Chief Scientist CSO — Karl Friston.
Dan Mapes — Founder & President.
Capm Peterson — Chief Innovation Officer.
Scott Paterson Director.

VERSES Technologies Inc. (NEO: VERS) (OTCQX: VRSSF), a cognitive computing company specializing in the next generation of artificial intelligence, has announced a breakthrough in AI with the world’s first General Intelligent Agent, codenamed GIA™, (‘jee-yah’) designed to offer a new human-centered way for businesses and individuals to interact with technology.

Verses is a cognitive computing company specializing in next-generation artificial intelligence. Modelled after natural systems, and the design principles of the human brain and the human experience, Verses’ flagship offering, KOSM, is a network operating system for enhancing any application with adaptive intelligence. Built on open standards, KOSM transforms disparate data into a universal context that fosters trustworthy collaboration between humans, machines and AI, across digital and physical domains. Imagine a smarter world that elevates human potential through innovations inspired by nature.

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