Mar 29, 2023

NVIDIA Reveals REVOLUTIONARY AI — Better Than GPT-4 And Midjourney V5

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I dunno if anyone has seen this. As a former Linux user, I’ve been an Nvidia fan for a long time and now they’ve gone on from games and Bitcoin mining. Sorry if this is a double post. I’m on my way out the door for my mom’s Dr appointment. I always worry I’ll double post by accident.

NVIDIA’s Jensen Huang just announced a set of revolutionary new Artificial Intelligence Models and Partnerships at GTC 2023. NVIDIA has always been one of, if not the most important company in the AI Industry by creating the most powerful AI hardware to date. Among them the A100 and future H100 GPU’s which are powering GPT-4 from OpenAI, Midjourney and everyone else. This gives them a lot of power to jump into the AI race themselves and allows them to surpass and beat the currently best AI models from Large Language Models and Image Generation with software like Omniverse and Hardware like the DGX H100 Supercomputer and Grace CPU’s.

00:00 NVIDIA enters the AI Industry.
01:43 GTC 2023 Announcements.
04:48 How NVIDIA Beat Every Competitor at AI
07:40 Running High End AI Locally.
10:20 What is NVIDIA’s Future?
13:05 Accelerating Future.

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