Mar 22, 2023

Mozilla Foundation’s Mark Surman On Launching An AI Startup For All

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“How do we mitigate the downside of technology, to make sure that human values, public interest and democracy are built into the system?”

Mozilla, the not-for-profit force behind the Firefox browser, is launching an AI-focused startup with a mission to create an open source and trustworthy alternative to emerging heavyweights like ChatGPT. The company this morning announced that Moez Draief’, a former global chief scientist with Capgemini Invent, will head the venture, which has a $30 million seed investment from Mozilla Foundation.

Mozilla Foundation president Mark Surman spoke with Forbes about the new venture, called Mozilla.

What Mozilla did for browsers with Firefox, it’s now planning to do in the realm of AI. Foundation chief Mark Surman says there’s already momentum to take on the titans of tech.

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