Mar 26, 2023

MIT 9.13 The Human Brain, Spring 2019

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Instructor: Nancy Kanwisher View the complete course: YouTube Playlist: This course surveys the core perceptual and cognitive abilities of the human mind and explores how they are implemented in the brain… NOTE: * Lecture 3. Master Class: Human Brain Dissection (in-class dissection—video not recorded) * NOTE: Lecture 12: Brain-Machine Interface with Guest Lecturer Michael Cohen is unavailable * Lecture 14: New Methods Applied to Number (student breakout groups—video not recorded) * Lecture 17: MEG Decoding and RSA (video not recorded) * Lecture 19: Language II (class canceled—video not recorded) * Lecture 22: Experimental Design (student breakout groups—video not recorded) * Lecture 23: Deep Networks (2021) (video will be added soon) License: Creative Commons BY-NC-SA More information at More courses at Support OCW at We encourage constructive comments and discussion on OCW’s YouTube and other social media channels. Personal attacks, hate speech, trolling, and inappropriate comments are not allowed and may be removed. More details at

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