Mar 25, 2023

I Made a Working Computer with just Redstone!

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Hi guys! Over the last 2 months, I created a programmable 8-bit computer with just redstone. This was an insane project, and I’m super happy with how it turned out!

0:00 Intro.
0:27 Computer Overview.
1:28 Introduction to Registers and the ALU
3:37 Building the Registers.
5:00 Building the ALU
5:58 Introduction to Instruction Memory and the Program Counter.
7:44 What about loops?
9:28 Building the Program Counter.
9:57 Building the Instruction Memory.
10:55 Countdown Program in Minecraft.
11:50 One last problem.
13:01 Building the Data Memory.
14:18 Showcase.

My socials:

Github Repo (assembler and programs):
Instruction Set:…fksVHQf2S4
- Harvard Architecture.
- Custom instruction set w/ 16 instructions.
- 24 redstone tick clock speed (0.41 hz)
- 64 bytes RAM
- 128 bytes program memory.
- 8 general purpose registers.
- 1 central ALU

Showcase Music:
Creo — Lightmare.

World Download: (JAVA 1.18.2)
Comes preloaded with fibonacci, but not recommended to use with custom programs. See the github repo for more information.

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