Mar 20, 2023

GPT4 Can Replace Jobs

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😗 I am actually pretty happy about this because full automation will simply life rather than needing as much education the AI can do most of the work much like the star trek computer. Full automation will allow for more freedom even from common tasks allowing the AI to most of the thinking and tasks.

A senior developer tested GPT4 for programming. GPT4 gave the Terraform script code for a single instance of the Fargate API. GPT4 knows that the code will not scale to 10,000 requests per second. It then describes how to create an auto-scaling group and make the modifications to scale the code with AWS and configure the application load balancer.

NOTE: his prompt was way more detailed than an ordinary person would produce. An ordinary person would not be able to verify the results either. You can make the case for 10x or 100x programmer productivity. A senior developer can become a programming lead or manager guiding the AI prompt requests from the equivalent of multiple programming teams.

The advantage will not be to let people who do not know a topic to play with powerful tools. The advantage is to increase the productivity and capacity of competent people to do more in areas that they understand. The AI tools will uplevel the productivity in areas where you know what can and should be done. You do not want someone who does not know how to drive behind the wheel of a Formula One race car.

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