Mar 4, 2023

George Church: Biomanufacturing, CRISPR,1 million cell edits, Woolly mammoth-Learning with Lowell-164

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George Church is a geneticist known for his pioneering work in developing new technologies for genome sequencing, editing, and synthesis. He has also been involved in research on genome engineering and gene therapy.


The Learning With Lowell show is a series for the everyday mammal. In this show we’ll learn about leadership, science, and people building their change into the world. The goal is to dig deeply into people who most of us wouldn’t normally ever get to hear. The Host of the show – Lowell Thompson-is a lifelong autodidact, serial problem solver, and founder of startups.

Youtube clips:

Timestamp / show notes.
00:00 Intro.
00:40 Changing millions of lives.
01:35 Unknowns in Biology / Fan question.
04:30 Space / Aliens.
05:18 Exciting projects.
08:15 Sequencing 8 billion people.
10:25 Making Organisms Virus proof.
12:00 Viruses adapting to changing.
15:55 Making IP actionable.
18:25 Transition to startups / issues.
22:30 Longevity and healthspan for older populations.
27:20 Rejuvenation vs cure.
29:40 Last 5 years/ surprises.
33:10 1 million cell edits.
34:40 Reduced returns with more edits at one time.
38:20 Software as biology / opportunity in biotech.
41:35 Hiding data in cells.
43:40 Synthetic biology relieving poverty.
47:45 Biohacking, chinese box, relieving poverty continues.
50:53 Producing good/submarine.
53:25 Synthetic biology for energy production.
57:51 Wooly mammoth genes / fan q.
1:02:30 Control characteristics with food.
1:03:50 Expediting gestation period.
1:06:00 External womb.
1:08:55 Problems /tools he wishes he had.
1:12:25 Cost of gene therapies from rejuvenation bio / fan question.
1:18:22 Virus gene drive.
1:21:10 Next 10 years.
1:23:02 CIRSPR CRPS pain question.
1:26:33 Books.
1:32:42 Calico lab CTO?

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