Mar 21, 2023

Did We Just Change Animation Forever?

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ANYONE can make a cartoon with this groundbreaking technique. Want to learn how? We made a ONE-HOUR, CLICK-BY-CLICK TUTORIAL on

Watch the full ROCK PAPER SCISSORS anime on Corridor ►

This project has been a huge labor of love, and it is due to the amazing open-source community that we have this technology available to us. We hope that by sharing our discoveries and techniques that we can help push this technology forward for everyone. If you want to dip your toes into this tech, there are many amazing online communities ready to help teach you, including ours!

With Your Support, We Can Make More! ►
This project exists because of the amazing members of CorridorDigital, our INDEPENDENT STREAMING PLATFORM. All memberships begin with a 14-Day Free Trial and you can Cancel Anytime. Consider becoming a member yourself!

Anime Rock, Paper, Scissors Shirt?! ►
Available only until March 6th, we have a limited-edition Anime Rock Paper Scissors t-shirt and longsleeve design to celebrate this release. Check it out here!
Design by Kendrra Thoms

Gear Used ►
Puget Systems Computers:
Lighting by Aputure:

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