Mar 22, 2023

Coding won’t exist in 5 years? You might be right

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The talk about AI taking our programming jobs is everywhere. There are articles being written, social media going crazy, and comments on seemingly every one of my YouTube videos. And when I made my video about ChatGPT, I had two particular comments that stuck out to me. One was that someone wished I had included my opinion about AI in that video, and the other was asking if AI will make programmers obsolete in 5 years. This video is to do just that. And after learning, researching, and using many different AI tools over the last many months (a video about those tools coming soon), well let’s just say I have many thoughts on this topic. What AI can do for programmers right now. How it’s looking to progress in the near future. And will it make programmers obsolete in the next 5 years? Enjoy!!

The Sessions I Mentioned:
Fireside Chat with Ilya Sutskever and Jensen Huang: AI Today and Vision of the Future [S52092]:…314001t6Nv.
Using AI to Accelerate Scientific Discovery [S51831]:…197001tw0E
Generative AI Demystified [S52089]:…393001DjiP
3D by AI: Using Generative AI and NeRFs for Building Virtual Worlds [S52163]:…782001l1Ul.
Achieving Enterprise Transformation with AI and Automation Technologies [S52056]:…353001hjSr.

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