Mar 21, 2023

Adobe Experience Manager Adds AI-Powered Content Insights, No-Code Website Editing

Posted by in category: robotics/AI

New AI-powered and no-code features coming to Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) will enable marketers to create personalized content at scale with greater effectiveness.

Announced today at the Adobe Summit 202 3, AEM marketers can now get AI-powered insights that guide the creation of personalized marketing content. Adobe’s AI, branded as “Sensei,” will generate insights on how certain images, colors, objects, composition, and writing styles will impact performance with different audiences across websites and mobile apps.

Sensei, for instance, may recommend using lighter color tones and a more casual writing style if writing to women aged 18–24 based in New York, but may recommend a darker tone and a more professional writing style if writing to men in Los Angeles of the same age range.

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