Mar 11, 2023

24/7 AI Seinfeld show is back on Twitch

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Really bad now. BUT, the future of entertainment industry:

Transphobic comments lead to Larry Feinberg’s downfall on Twitch. According to the host, the reason for Feinberg’s bias is an outdated OpenAI language model without a functioning moderation system.

Since mid-December 2022, the small media group Mismatch Media has been running one of the most unusual shows on Twitch (and that’s saying something): Using AI tools like DALL-E, GPT-3, Stable Diffusion, and more, Mismatch Media broadcasts an AI-generated show inspired by the popular U.S. sitcom “Seinfeld” every day, around the clock. “Nothing, Forever” is the name the team has given to their art project.

The AI-generated content is stitched together in the Unity engine to create an audiovisual pixel show reminiscent of early ’90s video games. The jokes rarely have punchlines, the conversations are empty and incoherent, and the audience’s fake applause starts in the wrong places.

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