Feb 2, 2023

The Lost Black and White Superman Film from the 1950’s | Midjourney AI V4

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Created for fun with the Midjourney AI.

The world’s first superhero takes to the sky in his big screen debut! This mysterious Superman movie was recently discovered after many years of being thought lost to time. Witness exclusive stills released to the public for the first time in this video.

Look, up in the sky…

00:00 Poster.
00:05 Krypton.
00:10 Krypton.
00:15 Jor-El.
00:20 Baby Kal-El.
00:25 Krypton Explodes.
00:30 Kal-El travels to Earth in a Rocket Ship.
00:35 Young Clark Kent in Smallville.
00:40 The Fortress of Solitude.
00:45 Superman Revealed.
00:50 The Daily Planet.
00:55 Clark Kent.
01:00 Lois Lane.
01:05 Lex Luthor.
01:10 Clark Kent.
01:15 Clark Changing to Superman.
01:20 Superman.
01:25 Panicked Crowd.
01:30 Building on Fire.
01:35 Super Hearing.
01:40 Up, up and away.
01:45 Race Across Metropolis.
01:50 Freeze Breath.
02:00 Superman and Lois.

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