Feb 28, 2023

SpaceX: Our Second-Gen Starlink Satellites Have 4 Times More Capacity

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Yesterday was an example of how things are speeding up at SpaceX. First, they had a launch scrubbed due to problems with its lighter fluid then they had a launch scrubbed due to weather. Then they had a launch delayed due to space weather. Finally, the delayed launch did get off the ground. The point being that SpaceX is so busy these days that even with two scrubs and one delay, they still launched to orbit!

This launch featured the first Starlink 2.0 satellites. Besides a 4 times increase in capacity compared to version 1.5 satellites, they also include brand new ion engines which are the first ion engines to use argon that have ever been produced.

Finally, this launch ended in the 100th successful landing in a row for SpaceX. Almost no other space company has completed 100 successful launches, forget about landings! (Currently everyone else is crashing and burning all their orbital rockets.)

The company offers more details about satellites for its second-generation Starlink network, which promises to offer even better broadband quality.

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