Feb 24, 2023

Mind-Blowing AI Breakthroughs in Science (Physics, Astrophysics and Math)!

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Now, THIS is useful AI — controlling Nuclear Fusion reactions.

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In this Video I discuss Recent AI Breakthroughs in Science — in Physics, Astrophysics… and Math!

This video is sponsored by NVIDIA.

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Some of GTC Sessions which I will attend:
- GTC 2023 Keynote [S52226]
- Using AI to Accelerate Scientific Discovery [S51831]
- Modeling and Simulation Meet AI: AI for Science and Art [S51071]
- AI Today and Vision of the Future [S52092]

00:00 — AI Breakthrough in Physics.
02:40 — Ad: NVIDIA GTC Conference & Giveaway.
03:51 — AI in Astrophysics.
06:13 — AI Breakthrough in Math.
09:14 — AI Breakthrough in Biology.
11:46 — AI in Medical Imaging[/s][/s][/s][/s].

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