Feb 2, 2023

Have We Really Found The Theory Of Everything?

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Written by Joseph Conlon.
Professor of Theoretical Physics, University of Oxford.
Author, Why String Theory?…atfound-20
Edited and Narrated by David Kelly.
Thumbnail Art by Ettore Mazza.
Animations by Jero Squartini
Huge thanks to Jeff Bryant for his Calabi-yau animation.

Footage from Videoblocks, Artlist. Footage of galaxies from NASA and ESO.
Music from Epidemic Sound, Artlist, Silver Maple and Yehezkel Raz.

Image Credits:

NRAO Edward Witten.

Paul, Dirac photo By Science Museum London / Science and Society Picture Library — The physicists Paul Dirac, Wolfgang Pauli and Rudolf Peierls, c 1953.Uploaded by Mrjohncummings, CC BY-SA 2.0,

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