Feb 3, 2023

Everything — Yes, Everything — is a SPRING! (Pretty much)

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Science Asylum video on Schrodinger Equation:

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Schwartz, “Quantum Field Theory and the Standard model”

0:00 The most important motion in the universe.
1:08 How get energy and mental focus.
2:20 A spring: Classical simple harmonic oscillator.
4:48 QUANTUM Harmonic oscillator.
6:00 Science Asylum — what is the Schrodinger equation?
7:30 Quantum Field Theory (QFT) uses spring math!
10:00 Intuitive description of what’s going on!
12:37 What is really oscillating in QFT?

Why Everything in the universe is a spring (kind of). Why everything is a spring. Classical springs like you might have in your mattress have a harmonic oscillation. And this behavior has a quantum mechanical analog in what’s called a quantum harmonic oscillator. And this model of the motion in quantum mechanics can model the motion of all fundamental particles in the universe, as well as the forces mediating the interactions between them. In fact, the prevailing fundamental theory of all matter and forces, called Quantum Field Theory, is built upon this type of motion.

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