Feb 8, 2023

Engineer who made USB-C iPhone now makes AirPods Pro repair possible

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Pilonnel noticed that millions watch his videos, but very few actually attempt them. He wants to help people by making replacement parts available.

Users of Apple’s AirPods are well aware that the product they purchased is pretty much disposable. Once the rechargeable battery on the device gives way, there is no way to replace them; you need to buy new AirPods, unless you are ready to do the hard work yourself, with a little help, of course.

Ken Pillonel is no stranger to toying with Apple products. As an engineering student, he built the world’s first iPhone with a USB-C port and has previously shown us how the batteries in the AirPods can be replaced if you can 3D-print a new case.

Exploring the Simulation/YouTube.

The best part of Pillonel’s mods is that everything is published in GitHub repositories, and one only needs to spend some time going through the notes to get the desired changes.

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