Feb 4, 2023

ChatGPT Hits 100 Million Users, Google Backs Claude Bot And CatGPT Goes Viral

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ChatGPT has hit an estimated 100 million monthly active users making it the fastest growing consumer internet application in history according to a UBS study. UBS analysts peg its total addressable market to be $1 trillion, reported Yahoo Finance.

Ever since its launch on Nov. 30, the clever ask-me-anything tool has been the go-to-resource for advice on just about any topic it’s been trained on and can complete complex tasks like debugging code, doing research and writing articles in an endearing human-like tone.

ChatGPT becomes the fastest growing consumer internet application in history, Microsoft unleashes its first GPT 3.5 AI chatbots across its products, Google readies for Feb. 8 event by investing in competing chatbot-maker Anthropic, and mock website CatGPT goes wild.

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