Feb 8, 2023

Astronomers discovered breakthrough ring system in our Solar System

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The discovery is putting into question everything astronomers believed about ring systems.

Astronomers from the University of Sheffield discovered a new ring system around a dwarf planet on the edge of the Solar System, according to a press release. The discovery calls into question current theories about how ring systems are formed since the ring system orbits much further out than is typical for other ring systems.

Around a dwarf planet.

The ring system is located around a dwarf planet named Quaoar, which is approximately half the size of Pluto and orbits the Sun beyond Neptune.

Paris Observatory.

The astronomers spotted the ring system by using HiPERCAM — an extremely sensitive high-speed camera developed by scientists at the University of Sheffield, which is mounted on the world’s largest optical telescope, the 10.4-meter diameter Gran Telescopio Canarias (GTC) on La Palma.

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