Feb 11, 2023

10 Upcoming Future Technologies: How They’ll Impact Your Life

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Top 10 upcoming future technologies | trending technologies | 10 upcoming tech.

Future technologies are currently developing at an acclerated rate. Future technology ideas are being converted into real life at a very fast pace.

These Innovative techs will address global challenges and at the same time will make life simple on this planet. Let’s get started and have a look at the top technologies of the future | Emerging technologies.

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00:00 ✅ Intro.
00:23 ✅ 10. Genomics: Device to improve your health.
01:13 ✅ 09. New Energy Solutions for the benefit of our environment.
01:53 ✅ 08. Robotic Process Automation: Technology that automates jobs.
02:43 ✅ 07. Edge Computing to tackle limitations of cloud computing.
03:39 ✅ 06. Quantum Computing: Helping to stop the spread of diseases.
04:31 ✅ 05. Augmented reality and virtual reality: Now been employed for training.
05:05 ✅ 04. Blockchain: Delivers valuable security.
05:50 ✅ 03. Internet of things: So many things can connect to the internet and to one another.
06:40 ✅ 02. Cyber Security to improve security.
07:24 ✅ 01. 3D Printing: Used to create prototypesfuturistic technologybest future tech.

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