Jan 31, 2023

What Is Wright’s Law

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Here’s some interesting SpaceX News!

For the last few months, SpaceX has been having trouble launching Starlink satellites, once going almost two months between Starlink launches. The problem wasn’t that SpaceX was launching less often, but that SpaceX had a surge in business. The long-term solution was to go from 61 launches last year to about 100 launches this year. (SpaceX only did 31 launches in 2021, so they are growing rapidly!)

This month was much better for Starlink launches, with 3 this month. The key to squeezing in 3 launches was that SpaceX did 7 launches this month which is a 7 12 = 84 launch rate, definitely higher than last’s years 61 launch rate.

Wright’s Law aims to provide a reliable research framework for forecasting cost declines as a function of cumulative production.

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