Jan 19, 2023

This 3D-printed hydraulic turbine provides energy without blades

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It generates energy by forcing the stream to form a vortex.

Without employing any blades, the transportable hydraulic turbine SETUR from Vortex Hydrokinetics serves as a power source. The water source could be rivers, tidal streams, ocean currents, or even canals.

The portable equipment is lightweight as a result of the 3D-printed bladeless hydraulic turbine.

Vortex Hydrokinetics.

As reported by Designboom, the turbine, shaped like an atomic bomb, generates energy by forcing the stream to form a vortex and then using that vortex as a source of current. According to the design team, the cost-effective SETUR can be used both independently and as part of a multi-unit hydropower farm.

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