Jan 8, 2023

Stability AI’s Emad Mostaque, The Future of Generative AI, Real-Time Movies, Societal Impact

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In the 46th episode, Stability AI CEO Emad Mostaque discusses the future of AI. From being only years out from generating entire movies in real-time to how it’s revolutionizing the healthcare industry and could help identify cancer. Plus its benefits in education, charities, the potential regulations, and societal impact, and Stable Diffusion becoming the most popular open-source software in the world.

(0:00) Intro.
(1:03) Introducing Emad Mostaque.
(1:27) Generative AI
(9:52) Computing power and AI
(12:23) How Emad got into AI
(14:49) Open-source AI
(20:19) Growth of Stable Diffusion.
(21:57) Lensa.
(25:39) Power of Creativity.
(30:00) Ramifications of AI
(34:09) State of the industry.
(37:32) Business model for AI
(43:28) AI use cases.
(48:11) Societal impact.
(51:39) Becoming a public figure.
(55:41) Outro.

Mixed and edited: Justin Hrabovsky.
Produced: Andrew Nadeau and Rashad Assir.
Executive Producer: Josh Machiz.
Music: Griff Lawson.

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