Jan 8, 2023

Shark Gives ‘Virgin Birth’ to Miracle Baby in All-Female Tank

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Jesus Christ of sharks has risen 🙏

A rare event has taken place in the Cala Gonone Aquarium in Sardinia, Italy. A smooth-hound shark gave birth to a baby shark without any male interference in the tank she has been living in for the past ten years with only another smooth-hound female and no males, reports Agenzia Italia. This could prove to be the first and only parthenogenesis example in this specific species of shark, and hence, t he newborn female shark is named Ispera, which means Hope in Sardinian.

While other sharks and rays, including the bonnethead, the blacktip shark, and the zebra shark have previously been observed doing parthenogenesis, smooth-hound sharks, scientifically known as Mustelus mustelus, have never been, as far as scientists know. If confirmed, this event could be a scientific discovery of smooth-hounds’ using parthenogenesis.

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