Jan 12, 2023

NASA has discovered an Earth-sized planet orbiting in the habitable zone of its star

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Does anyone believe extraterrestrials have visited Earth? I am super curious to see what the members of this group believe!

A habitable zone is an area just the right distance from a star so water can exist on a planet’s surface and the conditions are neither too hot nor too cold for life.


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  1. Real complications with the question you are asking, due to the slow drip of space science experts, compartmentalized need to keep secrets for many reasons and some of them for psychological manipulation of human beings.

    There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that intelligent life exists in outer space other than human life. Calling it ‘extraterrestrial life’ without the ability to confirm it, would be only assuming what you are unable to prove.

    My NASA STS-75 STI Program Day 9 Footage research shows, there is life out there, but I cannot confirm its ‘extraterrestrial life’ without the proper tools of science to do so.

    Just because it’s life in space, doesn’t necessarily make it ‘extraterrestrial life’.

    My work is completely ignored because everyone put’s their trust in hearing it from government sources. We have reached a point where nothing is ‘real’ unless government says it’s real.

    I posted a video showing UFO UAP space creatures movements in space and it is 100% accurate. Nothing to do with ‘alien spaceships’, big black-eyed ‘aliens’, ‘drones’ or ‘foreign intelligence gathering’.

    Our government is flat out lying and not much I can do about it.

    (Since you asked).

    - Chris G. Williams